Guangdong hukou to get digiwdw magic bandstal replacements
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South China"s Guangdong province, window to China"s reform and opening up, recently introduced an electronic hukou, or household registration, to gradually replace traditional hukou booklets for local residents.

The electronic hukou includes all the materials and data of a family listed in a paper hukou booklet. This will provide great convenience, because it can be scanned and saved in mobile phones, according to a statement released by the Guangdong provincial department of public security on Monday.

Now locals who have electronic hukou can scan their mobile phones for registering and applying for business operation licenses, marriage certificates, enrollment in schools and other certifications where booklets are required, the statement read.

Previously locals were required to bring their hukou booklets to counters to register or apply for many certificates.

The Guangdong provincial public security bureau is also planning to introduce other electronic certificates and cards, including identity cards, social security cards, Medicare cards and driving licenses, to assist local residents in the coming years.

Nansha district in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, took the lead by introducing electronic identity cards in the province about two years ago.

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